About Me

Me ?

In this blog basically i am a humble Game Designer and a Game Programmer,but in real life i am also a professional Musician , unprofessional Caricaturist and Designer.I have been working on many sides of art since i was a kid.I have finished my studies on "Information Systems And Technologies"  and currently working in Game Industry and SAP industry.I agree that they are quite contrary jobs for one to have :)

I focus on Unique and Innovative works.Looking for different ways to create my works.

The worlds i see isn't normal.That's why i choose the be an artist in every way that i was only Drawing and Music at the beginning than i have added designing and finally Game Development -yes i think it is an art ! -

I never give up on anything.When i start doing something,i can never stop until i reach my target.That's what makes my works finish up so swiftly and smoothly as possible.

If you are coruios about my work you can see some examples of my work at my DeviantArt.
See Link below.


Who I Am ?

  • Developer (Game,Software,Web)
  • Designer (Graphics and Game)
  • Consultant (SAP BW)
  • ...

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