26 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

The Other Ideas

When developing games and probably all the creative stuff that requires team work,you will face some moments that you think that your idea is the best but the other people in your team just can't understand you.

Well,we all have those moments.But what i've learned from all those projects  and teams is sometimes you just have to stop for second ,clear your mind and take look at your self from their eyes.I know it sounds so cliche,but hey,it works.I have been in so many arguments that i thought my idea was better.But after really thinking about their idea and considering it "seriously",i realized sometimes their ideas are just better or sometimes we can even find a new idea by mixing our ideas together.

Sometimes we care more for ourselves than the product we are trying to build.We do this by knowing our unconsciously.But when you take a breath and see yourself from far,you will understand you are a team and you should discuss everything,but you should respect others ideas as much as yours.When you don't do that,the decisions on the project will be quite hard to finalize and you will start to lose the team spirit.

So whatever you do,if you want a publish a good game,remember that you are not the sole developer on that project and it's always good to hear out what other people had to say.They can see the points your are missing or find a better alternative.

Always trust in your team !